Part-No.: EP94M3, Function: switch, Standard: HDMI 1.4

EP94M3 is a 3-Port MHL/HDMI Dual Mode Switcher. The chip supports 3 MHL/HDMI input ports working in dual mode and 1 HDMI output port. The chip supports the resolution up to 720p 60 Hz, 1080p 30 Hz or 1080p 60Hz in PackedPixel Mode. The chip also supports 3 ports of on-chip EDID RAM and programmable passive/active DDC switches to lower down system cost.



3:1 MHL/HDMI to HDMI Switcher / 225MHz 

•Supports 3 MHL/HDMI input ports with dual mode capability
•Supports 1 HDMI output port
•On-chip MHL/HDMI Receiver and HDMI Transmitter core which are compliant with MHL 2.0 and HDMI 1.4b specification
•On-chip Equalizer
•Support wide Frequency Range TMDS Output: 25MHz – 225 MHz TMDS clock
•Support up to 75 Mhz Pixel clock rate (8-bit 1080i/720p 60 Hz) in 24-bit mode and up to 150 Mhz Pixel clock rate (8-bit 1080p 60Hz YCC422) in Packed Pixel mode for MHL input
•Support up to 297 Mhz TMDS clock rate (4Kx2K) for HDMI input
•Support 3 ports on-chip EDID RAM
•Support on-chip programmable passive/active DDC switches
•Register-programmable via slave IIC interface
•Low stand-by current (< 100 uA) at power down mode
•64-pin LQFP package


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