Part-No.: EP91C1E, Function: Extender, Standard: HDMI 2.0

EP91C1E is a 6 GHz HDMI 2.0 Extender IC with on-chip video compression + decompression Extender IC with on-chip video compression and decompression engine. The chip works in either compress mode or decompress mode. When the chip is configured to work in compress mode, the input video stream is compressed and outputs through the reduced rate HDMI output interface. Reversely if the chip is configured in decompress mode, the input compressed video stream is decompressed back to the original video stream. With video compression the HDMI bit rate can be reduced from 3.0…6.0G to 2.5G or 3G. The chip is compliant with HDMI 1.4/2.0b and HDCP 1.4/2.2.


• Real Time compression without delay
• On-Chip EDID RAM
• On-Chip MCU with eFlash
• 80pin LQFP EPAD package

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