Part-No.: EP369S, Function: bridge, Standard: DP->LVDS

EP369S is a high performance Display Port 1.2 (DP 1.2) Receiver including HDCP and 4 ports LVDS Output supporting display resolutions up to 600 Mpixels/second. The chip is compliant with DP 1.2 specification and HDCP 1.4 specification. The on-chip LVDS transmitter is capable of transmitting data at 165 M pixels/second each port. The LVDS outputs can be configured as 2-port or 4-port output. Data output sequence can also be configured as sequential mode or left-right mode. EP369S also contains an eFlash MCU i.e. managing HDCP automatically.



DisplayPort input with double Dual-LVDS outputs (new!)

• High Performance Display Port 1.2 Receiver capable of supporting 540 MHz Link Rate and 600 MHz Pixel Rate.
• 4 Ports of LVDS Transmitter capable of transmitting data at 165 Mpixels/second each port
• Display Port specification 1.2 compliant
• HDCP specification 1.4 compliant
• On-chip eFlash MCU with integrated HDCP keys (optional)
• Programmable 2-Port or 4-Port LVDS outputs
• Programmable LVDS Data Sequence in Sequential mode or Left-Right mode
• Programmable LVDS Port Swapping for easy PCB layout
• Programmable LVDS Data Width in 6-bit, 8-bit or 10-bit
• Programmable LVDS Data Mapping
• Low power consumption in Power Down mode
• 128-pin LQFP 


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