Part-No.: TH2000-G

The USB repeater controller chip supporting one upstream and one downstream ports. The USB repeater controller connects to an upstream hub or Host/Root Hub or another repeater via upstream port and the downstream port connect to external downstream USB devices. The USB repeater controller re-transmits the USB differential signal between upstream port and downstream port in both directions . The USB repeater controller supports the 12 Mb/s full-speed as well as 1.5 Mb/s low-speed USB transitions .



USB1.1 Extension Chip (Tx/Rx, or Repeater Function), 44pin LCC

• Full compliance with USB spec Rev 1.1
• Supports 12Mbit/s Full Speed” and 1.5Mbit/s Low Speed”
• Serial data transmission
• One upstream port and One downstream port
• Single 3.3V supply


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