Part-No.: EP149, Function: Tx, Standard: LVDS->cLVDS

EP149 is an 8-lane cLVDS transmitter with 4-port LVDS or Digital input. cLVDS is a super high speed LVDS technology developed by Explore. The chip receives video data from 4 LVDS ports or Digital pins and output it through 4-lane or 8-lane cLVDS transmitter.



 8-Lane cLVDS Transmitter with 4-Port LVDS or Digital Inputs

•Programmable Digital input or LVDS inputs
•Support up-to 150 Mhz pixel rate per LVDS input port.
•Support up-to 75 Mhz pixel rate per cLVDS output lane.
•Support 2 data maps for LVDS input
•Support DE_ONLY video timing for LVDS input
•Support flexible LVDS Port Swap feature for easy PCB layout
•Support 8-bit and 10-bit color depth in both Digital/LVDS inputs and cLVDS outputs
•Support 3-byte, 4-byte, and 5-byte Data Packing mode in cLVDS transmitter
•Programmable 4-lane or 8-lane cLVDS outputs
•Can be cascaded to extend LVDS input ports with clock synchronization mechanism.
•Flexible LVDS input port to cLVDS output lane mapping.
•Programmable Control Registers through IIC interface
•1.8V and 3.3V power required
•Supports Power Down Mode
•128-pin LQFP package


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